Simplify Traffic

Be informed, be transparent, don't let your customers wait

We help bus related companies to use GPS data for tracking their vehicles fleet, control drivers, optimising routes and letting passengers know about bus position. Passengers don't need to call support to ask when and where bus will arrive and why it delayed. Customers won't distract driver to ask arrival time and next stop, which means that trips will be more comfortable and safe. It is time to bring our service to next level!

Routes data management tool

From our experience with different bus companies we know that routes, buses, schedules management is a very difficult and important work. And this kind of routine should be done in a convenient, easy and flexible tool. We provide you with the Management tool where you can input, review and edit transport information as well as import and export it in different formats (currently GTFS, CSV). More than that you can get possibility to connect the information to ticket selling platforms to boost your ticket sales in future.

API integration with current infrastructure

Use our reports and statistic data in your current infrastructure. Our API is flexible and well documented. You can use it to prepare reports, connect info-boards to show arrival and departure information, integrate it to the mobile application or the ticket selling platform. Contact us for more information.

Embeddable map for your website

If you want to add a map on your website with search and tracking functionality, you can easily do it. You don’t need to hire expensive developers or make complicated integration. Just embed a few lines of code, that you can generate in our Management tool and provide your customers with better service.

Automatic SMS, E-mail and in-app notifications

Usually customers are very nervous when their bus is delayed. They start thinking that they took a wrong bus stop or missed the bus. They start calling a customer support and ask everybody for any information. The best way to solve this issue would be just to inform your customers on time. They will be calm, feel care and next time they will choose your company for other trips.

Mobile apps for your passengers

We provide free tracking application for Android and iOS. With this app your passengers can easily check where they are located, what is the next stop and estimated arrival time. No more distractions with questions to a bus driver. Additionally, we provide feature of branded application with your bus company logo and business colors.

Data analytics tool
(Coming soon)

Get reports on each driver’s efficiency, compliance with traffic rules, following schedules and etc. This functionality is under alpha testing now. All clients who will sign up before the launch of this feature will get it for free.